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Omnia QMS will help you leverage business processes and implement a result-oriented mindset that get things done.

Continuously improving processes

Do you work at one of the many organizations looking for a way to turn controlled business processes into user friendly Best Practices? Then look no further.
Omnia QMS will help Process Owners describe and publish processes with related information such as tools, documents and tasks, making end-users more productive when they can follow the organization’s best practices. The product will also provide you with a pattern for continuously improving processes and driving compliance.

Take The Tour

Omnia QMS is a tastefully designed package comprised of ready-made concepts, templates, smart functions and easy-to-use tools. It’s designed to make life easier for users, editors and administrators.
Let us take you on a brief tour of Omnia QMS. Take a look at our short videos to get a feel for how Omnia QMS can streamline and simplify in your organisation.

Set structure

With Omnia QMS you will be able to implement a structured and distributed way of publishing controlled business processes to the applicable user groups. Use Site Templates to set up workspaces where Process Owners can work with draft versions and manage processes over time. Administrators can also publish.

Design and publish processes

Process Owners will now have the means for designing and describing processes making best practices available for end-users. Build the processes in Omnia QMS or upload process images and add information on how activities should be performed to lead up to the expected output. It is also possible to link processes together to build structures showing how the business is built up.

Use processes

End-users will now be able to find processes in a directory and in a process hierarchy, and can follow the most often used processes for easy access. Any procedures, instructions, checklists and tools can be published to the process to drive the right way of working. Process Owners can inform end-users of updates to the process and ask for a read and understood receipt.

Improve processes

Over time Omnia QMS will give you tools for continuously improving processes. The end-user can provide feedback, register deviations and risks connected to the published processes. The Process Owner will be notified on any feedback and can plan what actions to take in the tool. It is also possible to retrieve reports on issues posted to processes and actions taken on these.

Publish Processes

Design and publish processes
Use custom process image
Process description and details
Tools and links
Process tasks

Structure and workflow

Approval workflow
Version handling and history
Review interval
Structured process review
Handle user Feedback

Drive Productivity

Process instance sites
Read and understood
E-mail notifications
Feedback form
Follow processes

Issues handling and reports

Handle feedback and improvement
Handle deviations and risks
Upcoming reviews
Export issues and feedback
Export process description

User Experience

Process Directory and Process viewer
My Processes
Notification panel
Personalized navigation
Quick search


Administration Portal
Design, layouts and top banner
Site templates
Publish tutorials
Product Documentation and Road map

Would you like a demo?

Welcome to contact us for a demo of how Omnia QMS and Office 365 can be combined to provide a digital workplace where processes are controlled, visible and used as a best practice.