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Why become a partner?

Every customer needs an Intranet, it is as simple as that! Omnia Intranet is the best solution for companies of all sizes making it the perfect add-on to your current services and product porfolio.

It is easy to sell Omnia to your current customer base and increase the revenue per user: they trust you and value your advice. But don’t stop there: Approach new customers with an cost effective, attractive, modern solution. It will differientiate you from the crowd – sell high value at low cost. Never sell Office 365 to your customer without selling Omnia!

The Omnia suite has to be experienced. So we would like to take you on a short tour to give you the experience and feeling of what a really good Digital Workplace is like. Complete the form to the right and we will contact you soon.

Learn more about Omnia

Get inspiration and knowledge. Register for a webinar or download documents from our Knowledge Bank.

Sell more

Are your customers already deployed on Office 365? Have you already sold most of your products and services to your customers? Then take to opportunity to propose a new solution that will increase customer satisfaction while generating more revenue in your existing customer base. Your customers will thank you!

Provide the best

Omnia Intranet has a large customer base and new customers are added all the time. Omnia is top ranked in independent studies like the Clearbox Intranet-in-a-Box report. Since Omnia is updated on a monthly basis your customer will always experience that they have the most recent and modern Intranet solution around!

Recurring revenue

Omnia Intranet is sold on a subscription model. The product is updated with new features and functions regularly and this provides a high value for the customers. You receive satisfied customers and a solid revenue stream!

Why Omnia?

Omnia is the most complete and user friendly intranet on the market. It is simple to deploy using standardized implementation methodology. Although it is a standard product it is fully customizable to the customers requirements. Here are some additional benefits:

Product team

Omnia is architected and developed by a dedicated team of 15 people in Sweden and Vietnam. New features are added based market trends and customer feedback. We have a structured way of collecting feedback and almost all customer suggestions are realized and added to the product.

Frequent updates

Omnia is updated 10-12 times per year making it a very modern and fresh product. The customers get updated and trained on the new features on a monthly basis. The customer can then choose when or if they want to deploy the new features and functions.

High ranking

Omnia regulary receive top scores in independent evaluations by companies such as Clearbox.

What do you get as a Partner?

Besides reselling the best Digital Workplace solution on the market and getting more satisfied customers, what more is there in the partnership?

  • Training and tutorials

The start-up training kit provides a one day sales traning and 2 days of tech training. Once the initial tranining is concluded there are regular update tranings.

  • Technical Support

Support to partners is provided by the Omnia support team.

  • Leads

Precio Fishbone provides an extensive schedule of seminars and webinars with lots of attendees. The leads from these and other marketing activites are provided to our partners.

  • Revenue and Recurring Revenue

Omnia provides an opportunity to revisit your current customer base and sell more. Every customer provides a steady, continued revenue stream.

What do our partners say?

Charlie Ejerholm
Founder and Owner,
Alberto Necovski
UCS IT Solutions
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Sales Manager,