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A unique intranet built on experience

The right kind of intranet helps to generate loyalty and commitment and also provides the foundations for better collaboration and empowerment of the people who use it. Precio Fishbone would like to present Omnia Intranet. A packaged solution, encapsulating experience from over 800 intranet projects and offering all the functions, tools and features that a well-liked and well-used intranet ought to include.

Discover Omnia

We’ve created Omnia Intranet based on our long experience as well as our customers' experiences and feedback. The result is an intranet package that emphasises the user experience and smart functions.

Let us take you on an intranet journey where Precio Fishbone gives you both quality and reliability.

Experience Omnia

Omnia Intranet is a tastefully designed package comprised of ready-made concepts, templates, smart functions and easy-to-use tools, It’s designed to make life easier for users, editors and administrators.
Let us take you on a brief tour of Omnia. Take a look at our short videos to get a feel for how Omnia can streamline and simplify in your organisation.

Clear and simple. Anywhere.

Omnia Intranet gives the user access to relevant information, smart functions, colleagues, documents and collaborative interfaces – anywhere, any time. On mobile devices, tablets, and desktop or laptop computers. Omnia Intranet is a highly responsive solution based on Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

What is the User Experience?

The name ‘Omnia’ comes from ‘omni’ meaning all or everything – in our case it means the experience of an intranet that has everything. We have created functions and tools that users, editors and administrators have been asking for for a long time, and then made them user-friendly.
Omnia fills the gap between a toolbox in SharePoint and a complete, unified design with an attractive user interface and smart functions. An intranet that users can and will want to use.


Smart search functions
Personal notifications panel
Simplified publishing tools
Extended navigation


Digital collaborative workspaces
Document management
Based on ready-made templates
Aggregated and personalised
Information right on the start page


News feed
Social feeds
Chat, messages, comments
Help centre


Personal and role-based start page
Personal design
My own workspace


Clear and easy navigation
Ready-made basic structure
Smart use of metadata


Easy editing of content for editors and site administrators.
Based on ready-made, profiled templates

Welcome to Omnia

A good Intranet just has to be experienced. So we would like to take you on a short tour to give you the experience and feeling of what a really good Intranet is like. Fill in your contact details below and we will contact you for a simple demo.

Yes thanks, I want to experience Omnia Intranet!

Three types of license

For Omnia Intranet, we offer three different types of license. This gives you the option to choose a license that best suit your needs, circumstances and your organisation.


Monthly subscription

A basic solution that is ready to go, where the customer does not need any additional development or adaptation.

The subscription includes continuous updates of the product with respect to improvements, new functionality, etc.

An easy introduction that provides you with a best practice solution. Suitable primarily for organisations with fewer than 1000 users.

Enterprise Online

A product license with annual update agreement

Suitable for the customer whose needs mesh well with the possibilities of Omnia Intranet and Office 365, but where there is a need for some customisation, now or in the future. Implemented in project form.

The annual update agreement includes regular updates of the product, installation of the updates, a Microsoft Azure account, and direct access to the product team for reporting errors.

Enterprise On-prem/Enterprise online dedicated

A product license with annual update agreement

Suitable for customers whose needs are greater than what can be satisfied by the standard functionality in Omnia Intranet and Office 365. Suitable for the customer who requires customisations of the solution, more traditional administration, and wants to control updates of the solution. Implemented in project form.

The annual update agreement gives the customer access to new functionality and updates of the product.

Effective implementation

With Precio Fishbone’s long experience of Intranet projects, you’ll get a fast, reliable and streamlined implementation of Omnia Intranet. The way we work and our model have been optimised over the years to create the most efficient process possible. The project implementation can include the following:

Work flow

Seminars for all (for the moment only offered in Swedish)

Welcome to the market’s best seminars about Intranets. We hold these regularly in various locations around Sweden. Over 4000 satisfied participants to date can attest to the fact that this is a rewarding morning for anyone facing an Intranet project and/or wanting to get some insights into what an Intranet needs to do to produce real impacts on operations. Our seminars are free of charge and are open to up to 30 participants. Sign up in good time since space is limited.

Omnia Intranet Webinar (for the moment only offered in Swedish)

Our webinars provide you with more information and a tour of Omnia Intranet through examples and demos. In the space of an hour, we demonstrate the innovative functions and solutions that Omnia Intranet contains. You will be guided through the content, given our picture of what Omnia Intranet is and what it can do for your business. Our webinars are free of charge and are open to up to 20 participants. Sign up in good time since space is limited.

Who we are

Precio Fishbone is Sweden's leading specialist in solutions based on SharePoint and Office 365. We have some of the best products on the market for intranets, management systems and document management. Our products provide our customers with proven, up-to-date and streamlined solutions and a reliable partner for the journey from initial project to ongoing administration and expanding needs. Currently, we have approx. 200 employees, with offices in eight locations in Sweden, the the UK and Vietnam. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and our other areas of focus are BI, Integration, EPi and general system development.

Hi there! My name is Anders Fagerlund. I’m really passionate about the development of well-used solutions that generate value for the customer. For more than 15 years, I’ve been working with Microsoft-based solutions and the development of smart functions in Intranets for example. That experience has taught me about what is really important for the customer in an increasingly dynamic world, particularly digitally.

Welcome to Precio Fishbone.

Anders Fagerlund, Solutions Specialist
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