Omnia Document Management System

Document related headache no more

Omnia helps you meet the challenges

Omnia DM helps you meet the challenges

Handling documents in the digital workplace often causes confusion and frustration for users and organizations. Omnia Document Management can help you meet the challenges.
Omnia Document Management will help you distribute document templates across the organization to increase end-user productivity. The product will also provide you with the possibility to define and implement controlled life cycles for the organization’s most important documents, making life easier for document owners and authors and promoting traceability and compliance.

Manage and distribute templates

Creating business documents should be easy with corporate templates available at our fingertips. With Omnia Document Management administrators will be able to manage and distribute corporate document templates, and end-users can take advantage of a create document wizard that will help create great business documents in no time.

Create business documents

Users will now be relieved that they have access to corporate templates wherever they want to create a new document. No matter if it is from a team site, OneDrive or the digital workplace start page, creating documents based on templates has never been easier.

Manage documents' life cycles

With Omnia Document Management administrators can define business logic regarding all important document types. This includes for instance rules regarding properties, appendices, pdf conversion, approval, review and notifications and will assure that important documents are managed aligned with a controlled life cycle.

Create and manage controlled documents

Document owners and authors can now create and manage controlled documents over time based on the corporate rules. Suddenly it will be easy to handle every document in the right way and the document anarchy that we often experience today will soon be terminated.
With Omnia Document Management all controlled documents will surface in the right context and the users can navigate, search, filter and refine to find what they are looking for. Finally, end-users can find the right version of the right document in an easy way.

Define life cycles

· Document profiles and properties
· Rules for document types
· Document templates
· Archiving rules
· Bulk updates

Controlled documents

· Create or upload document
· Publish document
· Related documents
· Document and workflow history
· Move document

Structure and workflow

· Comments workflow
· Approval workflow
· Review workflow
· Expired documents reports
· Unpublish document

Drive Productivity

· Create document wizard
· Feedback on documents
· Read and Understood
· My recent documents
· Recently updated documents

User Experience

· Document rollup
· Filters and refiners
· Notification panel
· Personalized navigation
· Quick search


· Administration Portal
· Design, layouts and top banner
· Site templates
· Publish tutorials
· Product Documentation and Road map