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An IT department manages a great many solutions for its organisation, and the IT platform for internal communication and collaboration is becoming an increasingly important strategic component of the modern business. It is vital that the IT and information/communication departments understand one another and can work together to address the business’ intranet-related needs. Technical, functional and user-related requirements must be weighed up and managed in order to create effective and readily available tools for end users. We support you in relation to how you can think and act in order to create the right conditions for successful results in your organisation.

This is how we can help you in your work 

As an IT manager you have a central and vital role to play when it comes to planning, managing, guiding and making decisions about the organisations IT infrastructure, platforms and applicationsYou are the person who determinesor at least participates in the determination ofan appropriate IT strategy aimed at providing the right conditions for optimal IT solutions based on the business’ needs and financial resources. Your work covers many different areas and needs within the organisation. 

In this context we want to help you in your work concerning intranet and collaboration platformsThe IT platform for internal communication and collaboration is becoming an increasingly important strategic component of the modern business, and the collaboration between the business operations and the IT department in relation to these solutions is of the utmost importance when it comes to achieving the combination of the technical solution and the business’ actual operational needs as one successful whole. 

It is our aim to support you in your everyday work by contributing our experience and thoughts in relation to, among other things, the choice of intranet platform, collaboration with the business operations, intranet productbased on standards, and the experiences of other customers from previous intranet projects. To the right you will find links to relevant information that we have produced specifically for those who work with IT and information management and collaboration solutions. 

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