As a communications manager you have a vital role to play

As an information and/or communications manager you are constantly striving to support your organisation’s ability to find, disseminate and provide access to relevant information and knowledge that facilitates and improves the daily work within the business. This applies not least to internal communication, in relation to which the business’ intranet and collaboration functions are central and vital tools. A business needs effective information management to help it in its endeavour to be competitive and achieve ongoing development. We support you in your quest to find a successful intranet and collaboration solution that satisfies modern communication requirements.

This is how we can help you in your work 

As an information and/or communications manager you have a challenging and vital role as the hub of the business’ information management and its various flowsThis applies not least to your work with internal communication, in relation to which the business’ intranet is a central toolWe aim to provide you with helpful advice, support and knowledge about how to find a successful intranet and collaboration solution that satisfies modern communication requirements. 

There are a number of possible intranet solutions and platforms from which to chooseBusiness needs and IT-related conditions vary from organisation to organisation, and naturally these are factors that influence the choice of solution and platformIt is important to know what the business wants to achieve with its intranet; the goals and desired effects that have been identifiedand how the chosen intranet platform can support the business in its development.  IT and communication go hand-in-hand, and it is vital that these two functions collaborate with one another and understand each other’s conditionand needsWe want to help you on this path by sharing our views and knowledge within the area of intranet solutions. 

Our material contains, among other things, our views on Office 365, the factors that are key when it comes to creating a successful intranet, common pitfalls in intranet projectsand the collaboration between the communication and IT functions – and much more. 

Take some time to peruse our document on success factors and pitfalls – there are a number of potential pitfalls of which you should be aware. Many people have experience of how it is not always that easy to succeed with a new intranet project. There are many challenges to be faced, from gaining acceptance and understanding within the organisation, to the technical aspects of the chosen platform. Here you will find our 10 most helpful hints regarding how you can succeed with the intranet of the future – My Digital Workplace. 

Make sure you also take a look at our document that provides a helicopter perspective on Office 365, an established cloud platform from Microsoft that offers a wide array of functions and tools aimed at meeting modern business needs within communication, information management and collaborationThis is an excellent platform on which to base one’s intranet, although it is also important to be aware that Office 365 offers much more than simply SharePoint Online. We take you on an overall “Office 365 tour” and introduce you to a veritable goldmine of tools and functions, some well-known and others largely undiscovered, that can help you to address your business’ information and communication needs.