The roadmap for Social features in Omnia

For the second year in a row, Omnia is ranked at the very top in the comprehensive Intranet in a box-product review annually published by Clearbox Consulting. One of the areas covered in the evaluation is Social and Knowledge Management and, in this article, you find information about updates to come in Omnia.

Since Social and Knowledge Management is such a vital part of a successful intranet we have detailed plans for how to improve the concepts presented above in the Omnia product during 2019.    

We will continue to develop Omnia to be the social hub in a Digital Workplace based on Office 365 and structured handling of competences and knowledge will continue to be an integral part of the social concept. The Omnia roadmap within the social area also include the areas below.  

Omnia Master Feed 

Today social conversations can be spread out over a few different tools like Yammer, Teams, Outlook conversations, Page comments and SharePoint Site Feed, which means that new posts will be rolled up to the user in several different ways. We are planning for an Omnia Master Feed that will incorporate new posts and answers from various sources into a single feed. What shows here will be based on what the user follows regarding users, tags, sites, teams etc. 

Organizational Charts and LinkedIn 

Omnia will make it possible to access further information about a user in the people search result page, showing for instance organizational charts and information from LinkedIn. This concept will be based on the new way that Microsoft deliver people information in Office 365. 

Follow up and reports 

We will add further follow up functions like the possibility to summarize profile completeness and comparison on departmental level and to create levels (example excellence, professional, moderate) for a group of users. It will also be possible to deploy an Omnia block on a web page to show (for instance) top ten departments or top five progress since last week/period. 

Recent comments and likes 

We are planning to add the possibility to view recent comments and likes on a user’s profile. When taking part of information on a colleague it will be possible to view some of the recent social interactions.

Want to know more? 

Do you want to know more on how Omnia can support your organization when implementing a successful knowledge management strategy? If so, you are welcome to join one of our webinars for a first overview. You can find dates, agenda and registration form in our Knowledgebank. 
We will also be happy to set up a personal demo of the product for you and your colleagues. Just fill out the form on our web site and we will contact you about what and when.

During the upcoming weeks we will also publish a series of blog posts where you will find information on other aspects of and concepts in Omnia. And check out this post's link section.