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A shared intranet for both staff and elected representatives

In September of 2012, the Swedish Union of Tenants launched a SharePoint-based intranet built by Precio Fishbone. “It really works well,” says Anna Grevlind, head of digital channels for the Swedish Union of Tenants. “We have an open and shared intranet for both staff and elected representatives.”

Before the launch, the Swedish Union of Tenants had an old and outdated intranet that they were more or less forced to replace.“The used to build it was no longer being used by anyone in Sweden,” Anna Grevlind explains. “A crash would have been disastrous for operations.”

Requirements for document management

No sooner said than done. They decided it was time to get a new intranet, and according to the stipulations of the prepared directive, it would be an intranet with document management. “Based on the directive, we conducted a study that resulted in a decision to use SharePoint.”Procurement in two stepsA procurement phase was initiated and Precio came out the winner. “They were simply the best according to our criteria,” says Anna Grevlind. “From references to transparency regarding pricing.”

Procurement was in two steps

“The first step focused on predefined requirement specifications and fine-tuning the requirements with the supplier. I think this was a good approach. In this way we were much surer of what we needed before starting the project.“We were very pleased with Precio after the first step and chose to continue collaboration with them in step 2 as well.”

Substantial trust in users

Collaboration with Precio Fishbone began in January of 2012, and in September the same year, the new intranet was launched.“You can't even compare this with the old one,” says Anna Grevlind. “Now we have a shared intranet that's based on openness, insight and participation for both staff and elected representatives. Our user base consists of about 850 employees and 1000 elected representatives to date, and we're giving them considerable responsibility and trust. Everyone can publish and read all posts. “It really works well, which is especially noticeable in the hundreds of posts published every month.”

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