We are at our best when working with SharePoint

Precio Fishbone is one of Sweden's most respected and experienced suppliers of solutions based on SharePoint. With more than 13 years of experience in the development of solutions for information management and collaboration based on SharePoint, we have much more insight and knowledge than most as to how SharePoint can be used to best produce successful and value-creating solutions. We accomplish this through a combination of operational know-how and correct analyses with technical expertise.

SharepointOur specialists exploit SharePoint's full potential

SharePoint provides excellent overviews, access and control of information, data sources and applications. It is a path to a whole that makes everything both easier and more efficient. SharePoint is an established platform used by many organizations in one form or another. Unfortunately, few take advantage of its full capacity and potential. Precio Fishbone’s specialists help create intelligent solutions that provide maximum effect from both previous and future SharePoint investments.

Precio Fishbone's specialists:
- Architects
- Integrators
- Developers
- Business/requirement analysts
- Project managers
- Testers

Our goal is to always deliver more than expected

Precio Fishbone has fine-tuned both methodology and technology for many years by optimally adapting and refining SharePoint to create the solutions we develop for our clients' demanding processes and contexts. Our goal in all assignments is to deliver more than expected. Precio Fishbone is a Microsoft Gold Partner and we have achieved our strong position by clearly focusing on continuous development of skills in combination with well conducted assignments and good client references. This is an important competitive edge for us that naturally also benefits our clients.

Our SharePoint solutions and concepts

Precio Fishbone offers a wide range of SharePoint-based solutions for information management and collaboration. We tailor SharePoint solutions to specific client and operational requirements. Just as often, we also work with concept-based solutions where we apply all of our previous experiences with the departure point in packaging of structures, forms, flows and functionality. Read more about our packaged solutions.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online

SharePoint is now available as a cloud solution. SharePoint Online is a part of Office 365, which in turn is a service package and subscription service from Microsoft that primarily encompasses SharePoint Online, Exchange, Lync, the Office suite and Yammer. The O365 packages vary and we would be happy to help you in choosing the one that is right for you.

Precio Fishbone's O365 – kick-start offer

We help businesses and other organizations to come up into the cloud in the right way and under the right conditions. To provide both new and old clients alike with insight and the right information for making decisions, we have developed a program consisting of a half-day Office 365 workshop with the focus on SharePoint Online. We look at operational conditions, requirements and needs, and show how you can best realize solutions for information management and collaboration that immediately create added value for your organization.