Support and maintenance

Most experts largely agree – of the total cost for an operational system during the application's life cycle, about 20 percent goes to development/acquisition and 80 percent to maintenance. This is why it is at least as important to choose the right partner for secure and stable maintenance, as it is for the actual development assignment.

Commitment, sustainability and stability

Precio Fishbone's objective in client assignments is to establish long-term relationships that create value for both parties. The client should want to continue collaboration even after final delivery. This means that we carry out our assignments with a commitment and presence that goes far beyond a traditional client-supplier relationship.We have been very successful with our objective regarding long-term client relationships and we have a large number of support and maintenance assignments in most of our areas of expertise – SharePoint, EPiServer, integration, mobile and tailored solutions.

When the conditions change, the systems must keep up

Organizations change with time, with respect to the number of employees and units, ways of working, legal requirements, goals, etc. When an organization changes, the IT systems must be adapted to respond to the new conditions and needs. We provide support and maintenance for all the solutions we build and implement. How this is structured depends entirely on each client's needs – we can take either full or partial responsibility.

Good support and maintenance means peace of mind and lets you focus on your core activities

We offer preventive maintenance and speedy assistance when technical problems arise so that the solutions function as intended. We offer guaranteed access to expertise, adaptations and further development so that systems and needs match the applicable conditions and future business opportunities. In dialogs with our clients, we ensure that the systems are optimized in relation to operations.

We work according to the processes and models that are standard in the industry, such as ITIL and PM3.

Precio Fishbone's support and maintenance services include:
- Telephone and email support – direct contact with developers who are familiar with your system solution
- SLAs – Common project site for case management and project documents
- Proactive maintenance – suggestions for improvements and changes to get the most from your system solution
- Maintenance establishment and maintenance planning
- Maintenance administrator – single point of contact– Access to test environments