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Quickly up and running! Precio Fishbone's packaged solutions for intranets, document management and project management.

Precio Fishbone has developed and implemented SharePoint-based solutions for more than 13 years. We apply our reputable experience and knowledge to new situations and developments, which provides added value to our clients. Precio Fishbone's packaged solutions encapsulate extensive experience with operational understanding and functionality with proven benefits that you can quickly put to use in various activities.

Packaged intranet for SharePoint and SharePoint Online (O365)

Precios paketerade intranätlösning

Precio Fishbone's packaged intranet provides an effective tool that can be directly put to use in your organization. Precio Fishbone helps you all the way – from initial determination of requirements and configuration to installation and subsequent support and management. Project execution takes just 4–5 weeks. Precio Fishbone's packaged intranet solution can be run as it is or tailored to your needs with enhanced social functions, integration with underlying systems, advanced document management, etc. The intranet solution is based on predefined information structures and templates, and includes among other things, own branding, collaborative support, navigation, document management and news publication with tagging for improved search results.

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Packaged solution for project and program management for aid organizations (NGOs)

For a number of years, Precio Fishbone has worked with building project and program management support for aid and development organizations that conduct global and local operations. This is a special and exceedingly important endeavor, which involves substantial demands on having efficient project support, not the least for field work. This includes project management, document management, grant management and project economics. Precio Fishbone has developed a packaged solution for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) for project and program management that is based on SharePoint. The solution can be deployed either in an organization's local environment or in SharePoint Online (Office 365). Take a look at for a more thorough description and presentation of the solution and to see parts of the system and how it works.

You can also read more about our packaged NGO solution for project and program management in our broschure that you find here

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