The increasingly widespread use of smartphones and tablets in recent years has completely changed our way of searching for, obtaining and processing information. Mobile solutions constitute an important cornerstone of the services Precio Fishbone provides. Our collective expertise really comes into its own here; we combine our many years of knowledge of integration, databases and interface development with smart utilization of cloud technology. In short, we build mobile solutions for people on the move – often as extensions of existing systems.

MobilitetOur strengths are technology and requirements analysis

Precio Fishbone has helped businesses and other organizations with mobile solutions for many years, and we have played a major part in development of the technology. We have extensive experience from line-of-business solutions and we are highly skilled in back-end technologies. Our strengths are technology and requirements analysis, and we work with some of the market's best suppliers in design and other areas to ensure we provide our clients with the best outcome.

Responsive solutions

Thinking mobile and adapting IT solutions to smartphones and tablets is far from app development alone. It is just as much about adapting websites and web solutions to work on various mobile devices. Solutions today are often responsive, requiring websites to be adapted to the device used – smartphone, tablet or computer. Take a look at on different devices for a good example of responsive design.

Considerations when it comes to apps

When it comes to mobile solutions in the form of apps, there are various possibilities. The path and platform that are best and most effective depend on the conditions, ambitions and goals. Do you want to build a mobile app and make the system platform-dependent, or do you want to develop a platform-independent solution with a responsive web solution? What should you consider when extensive information will be presented via a smaller window on a mobile device? We help you survey and analyze conditions and needs so that we can suggest the right path to take.

There are three main options:

1. Web apps – web solutions with responsive design

Technology: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS & responsive design

Web apps are attractive since they have less code to maintain and you can reach out to more people at a lower cost. It must be noted however, that performance and deeper integration with device features (GPS, calendars, contacts, cameras) are more limited. Web apps often utilize the native app design, symbols and navigation to provide the feel of classic apps.

2. Native apps

These are built for the respective platforms (Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, Android) with their specific tools and programming languages:

Native apps have the fewest limitations and provide the best conditions for creating a good user experience, good performance and good integration with different devices. Specific skills are required however for each platform and different code bases will need to be managed.

3. Hybrid apps are a mixture of 1 and 2.

These apps are often built up with a native shell with the largest part of the app constituted by HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and responsive design. Hybrid apps also often utilize the native app design, symbols and navigation to provide the feel of classic apps.

Hybrid apps can be built in many different ways, such as with a framework like PhoneGap (Cordova). This is often done to get the best from alternatives 1 and 2, and to hold down overall costs.

Which way is best should be discussed from case to case – something that we will be happy to help you with.

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