Integration is about getting different systems to talk with one another to make things easier for users and more efficient for their organizations. It’s all about refining, streamlining and supporting operational processes through smart and secure integration between applications and systems. Precio Fishbone combines the ability to understand our clients' operations with advanced technology. This is how we fulfill our promise to our clients – to provide value with the help of advanced technology.

IntegrationIntegration – a natural solution to new challenges and demands

The demands and needs to get systems to interact and support one another are greater than ever. The volume of data, applications and systems is increasing, as well as demands for intuitive and effective management of functions and information. A natural solution to this challenge is integration – preferably with carefully considered interfaces. Integration does not usually involve building something new, but rather integrating one known thing with something else that is known. 

Microsoft's toolbox is our toolbox

Precio Fishbone has worked with integration solutions for many years and was one of the pioneers with BizTalk when it was launched at the beginning of the 2000s. Since then we have had a close and strong relationship with Microsoft in the field of integration. BizTalk is still an important and central integration platform in our work, but we also make extensive use of WCF and SSIS.

From individual specialist assignments to complete integration platforms

Our assignments in integration extend from individual specialist assignments in larger projects, to establishing and managing complete SOA-based integration platforms. Our integration expertise is also a very important ingredient in many of the complex SharePoint solutions we deliver. These solutions often involve integration with supporting systems, such as ERP and HR systems.

Sentinet collaboration

Based on our position and our experiences as a skilled integration consulting firm, we have been selected for exclusive collaboration with Enable-U regarding Nevatech's Sentinet product. Sentinet is a product that manages and facilitates work with SOA governance. It is a product that replaces MSE (Managed Services Engine) that Microsoft previously developed and that Precio worked with for many years. MSE has been phased out and Microsoft has designated Sentinet as one of the two possible replacement products; see

You can read more about Sentinet here:

We provide the following expertise in integration:
- Operational and requirements analyses
- Integration architects
- System integration and system development
- Business process management
- SOA services