You can feel secure with Precio Fishbone as your Episerver supplier.

Episerver is the most-sold platform in the Nordic countries for managing websites and is considered by many to be the world's most user-friendly content management system. Coupled with Precio Fishbone's many years of experience in development and management of Episerver products and modules makes an unrivaled combination.

Let us build your website on Episerver's platform

Our many years of experience in building modern websites on Episerver platforms make Precio Fishbone a safe choice.

Let us help you with your web strategy and together we can decide which other systems we should integrate, which social media we should include and how we can best work with search engine optimization to maximize the visitor experience for your site.

A living website – securely and simply.

For our clients to feel secure in our collaboration, we have developed a management solution that is tailored to their needs. The solution includes among other things, email and telephone support, proactive management and a project site with case management.

Read more about our management solution here.

Episerver in smartphones or tablets – of course!

When we develop our clients' websites, we naturally build them so that they look good regardless of the type of device you use – computer, tablet or smartphone. The technology – responsive design – is well proven and well used by Precio Fishbone. 

We also build other mobile solutions such as apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with Episerver as the data source if preferred by our clients. In this way, websites and apps are updated in one and the same place – in Episerver.

Read more about our mobile solutions here.

Questions about Episerver?

Marcus Andersson

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