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Business intelligenceDeeper insight means better decisions

We help clients develop the right BI solution for making well-supported and well-informed decisions. We help our clients with initial analyses of needs and conditions to implementing final solutions. A carefully considered BI solution gives users what they need for attaining deeper insight and making the right decisions. 

Easy-to-use and cost-effective BI solutions

At Precio Fishbone we use BI tools characterized by simplicity, capacity and cost efficiency. We mainly work with QlikView and Microsoft's BI stack, based on SQL Server and its services. We have been a Microsoft Silver Partner within BI for many years, and we have successfully built up everything from extensive data stores and OLAP cubes with analysis support to collaborative BI solutions with SharePoint as the platform.

SharePoint enables collaborative BI

BI solutions that enable and facilitate collaboration have increasingly gained ground in conjunction with SharePoint's growing popularity. SharePoint attractively blends BI functionality with collaborative functions. It provides an opportunity for users to collaborate in planning, reporting and analysis. When you add the capability to build your own reports, a BI solution that is both powerful and flexible is achieved, where you can share your analyses and conclusions. You then have BI on your own terms and based on your needs – in other words, self-service BI.

BI solutions to grow and evolve with 

Our specialists have a high level of technical expertise and knowledge of processes and driving forces in various organizations. They do not just consider your present analysis needs, they help you to develop a solution that works both today and tomorrow. The solution should not just fulfill your current analysis needs, it should also be equipped for change and development over time.

Expertise and experience

Precio Fishbone's specialists:
- Business/specification analysts
- Researchers
- Project managers
- Architects
- Developers

Our specialists have worked in industry and manufacturing, energy, finance and logistics, and have many years of technical experience in:
-  ETL processes
-  DW solutions
-  OLAP cubes
-  Excel, PowerPivot, PowerView, SQL Server and QlikView
-  Building reports
-  SharePoint and Office 365

Contact us to discuss BI solutions and their value for your organization. Learn about possible solutions and platforms, and find out about our experiences and references. Contact us for an initial analysis of operational needs and requirements, we are experts when it comes to both operations and technology!

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