DIMS – A Digital Innovation Management System

An Innovation Management System includes a clear innovation strategy, defined roles and responsibilities, working processes and routines as well as a working IT-tool to support the system and to drive an innovation culture with employees that are engaged and contributes.
A well working Innovation Management System capitalizes and uses the creative and implementation capabilities both inside and outside the organization – the power of people is the most important part of the system.

Built on the new ISO-standard

We offer a unique solution when it comes to implementing an Innovation Management System. The solution is building on the new guiding standard for innovation management, ISO 56002. There are ready-to-use routines, activities, templates and check lists etc. that are practical and hands on.

A unique solution

On top of that we offer DIMS - an IT-tool that fully supports the the new ISO 56002 standard. The combination of these two parts of the system is unique on the market. There is no requirement to implement both parts. You can choose only to implement the process part or DIMS by itself – that is up to you!

A New Approach

Many organizations have tried shark tanks, idea competitions and various excel sheets and homemade IT-tools to register ideas without success. The time has come for a new approach – Implement an Innovation Management System. Companies that integrate innovation into strategic planning budgeting and resources allocation are six times more likely to achieve desired financial targets.

Demand driven

Needs come first and ideas second.
An innovation strategy must be developed to define important opportunity areas.

Configurable processes

Even if there is a guiding ISO standard to learn from, each organization should configure their innovation processes to fit the opportunities at hand.

Value visualization

Visible process indicators to track and communicate the progress of improvements and innovations, such as the shape of the opportunity funnel, and the speed and size of each opportunity.

Open and social

An open market for insights and ideas optimizes the realization of value. All employees can easily contribute to needs and opportunities. Well-connected people are the higher value of their ideas.

Competition and collaboration

It should be possible to both collaborate and compete around ideas.

System interfaces

The system has easily accessible interfaces to connect with other systems such as project management, social applications, analytics systems.


A self-organizing system using a market approach, matching demand and supply. It is governed by the collective of innovation managers with minimum central administration.


Can handle from 25 to X00.000 users in all types of organizations: public, private, non-profit across all units, regions and functions, internal and external to the organization.

Our Offer

The Innovation Management System that is offered by Precio Fishbone has the following content:

A standardized implementation project model on how to implement an Innovation Management System. Based on our Quality Management System a project can be created based on a clear structure and implementation model.

A Digital Innovation Management System that capitalizes and uses the thought capital based on the human resources both inside and outside the organization.

An IT tool that supports the whole process from innovation need to deployed value. The IT-tool can be used for developing and managing ideas as well as tracking an opportunity all the way to monitoring and follow up value.

Additional supporting services

We help you with Innovation management awareness workshop with management team to understand the needs of the organization. We also offer support in starting up the project.

We support and train you in the area of Innovation Management. Our experienced change management consultants can coach you in the transformation of your organization.

Of course we also offer project management support and guidance in the implementation of your Digital Innovation Management System.

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